GTD Mastermind Group, Goals, And Checklists

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GTD Mastermind Group, Goals, And Checklists

A while back I had this email discussion group I created of like-minded friends and colleagues who were always looking for ways to improve themselves, try new life hacks, etc. There was a nice chunk of people on this small list who were all fans of GTD and were at various stages of the process of trying to implement this methodology.

Creation And Purpose Of The Group

After enough discussions about GTD I suggested we start a GTD mastermind group that would meet regularly and chat online to discuss the ways we were each hoping to implement GTD – or at least the parts of it we wanted to implement since it’s a very customizable system. It’s kind of like doing a GTD weekly review but only to review and keep current our application of GTD.

The purpose of the group was to hold ourselves accountable to making progress as well as help each other through obstacles including finding resources about what a particular step meant or brainstorming ideas to help someone get past a blocker with their personal setup, e.g. their work makes them use a specific tool, their kids are keeping them from dedicating a nice chunk of hours to properly collect, etc.

Our Group’s Goals

Since the main purpose of the group was to help us all implement GTD (and then maintain it) our group started by breaking down the process into a set of goals. The goals were mainly based off of the steps outlined in the book as well as the official installation guide that the David Allen Company produced. In addition, because we were doing this as a mastermind-type group our goals had to keep in mind three important things:

  1. We were doing this as a group and so the goals would need to work for a virtual group comprised of people with different needs.
  2. We had to create a process and pace that worked for us as a whole and individually.
  3.  We wanted it to help us both with when we were initially implementing the various pieces as well as when we were in maintenance mode and ‘staying current’ with our systems.

To help you out, I’ve created this downloadable pdf so you can view the goals we created for our group that covers ‘Goal #1’ up through ‘Goal 8c’ – which is the spot on our goal list that everyone has made it to thus far. It also gives you a preview of some of our upcoming goals. [Note: I’ll update this page and the corresponding documents as we progress.]

Our Group’s Checklists And Trigger Lists

GTD Mastermind Group Goals – Modified for this website it shows you our group’s goals and how often we review them with added notes to explain each goal. [Last Updated: August 2014]

GTD Basic Tools Setup Reference List – Modified for this website it shows you our group’s reference list of some of the common tools and items used when implementing and practicing GTD and how our group has it structured with added notes for clarity. [Last Updated: August 2014]

GTD Digital Collection Trigger List – Modified for this website it shows you our group’s trigger list for when doing digital collection and organization and how our group has it structured. [Last Updated: August 2014]

GTD Mind Sweep Trigger List – Modified for this website it shows you a version of our group’s trigger list that includes a selection of items from the base GTD mind sweep trigger list as well as how our group has it structured. [Last Updated: August 2014]

Disclaimer: I have no partnership, affiliation, agreement or other relationship with Getting Things Done, David Allen, or The David Allen Company. I am simply a fan of the GTD method and want to share my insights and personal perspective as I attempt to implement more and more GTD methodologies in my life and hopefully inspire some of you to learn more about the Getting Things Done method as well. All rights to the GTD method belong solely to The David Allen Company.