Career Resources Quick Links


Networking is a necessary evil, but it can also be useful and fun. Below is a selection of some of my favorite networking resources covering everything from the very basics to attending events to how to do introductions:

Pro-Tip: Introductions and Connecting People – This post is a quick guide to why I connect various people, how I go about it, and what I have found to be an effective way to handle connecting individuals.

Reasons Why I’ll Never Accept Your LinkedIn Request – A mostly serious, but somewhat lighthearted, look at the odd ways people try to connect with others on LinkedIn that boggle the mind and things to avoid if you don’t want others hitting the “Ignore” button.
Your Job Is An RPG [PDF] – This is a pdf of an article I was commissioned to write for GameCareerGuide that covers all the major parts of getting a job, keeping your job, and advancing in your career. Although tailored for video game developers most of the core concepts and advice are suitable for folks in any industry.
Personal Branding Checklist [PDF] – Ready to pull together the pieces you need to help improve your brand and make networking and job searching easier? Check out this downloadable PDF  that goes over many of the items you should consider having as part of your branding efforts and provides you with a handy checklist to make sure you’re on track.

The SoMoFos Guide To GDC [PDF] – This video game focused guide helps walk you through Jamil Moledina’s tips on attending GDC – the largest industry conference for video game developers.

IGDA Scholar Recommendations for GDC 2013 and beyond! [Sporadically Updated] – Originally posted on my website this was a guide for the 2013 IGDA GDC Scholars but has since been referenced by others as a great guide to the basics of attending GDC and industry events in general. This post routinely gets updated so feel free to check back for more updates!

My Other Networking Posts – I occasionally write other networking related blog posts on this site and you can find them using the networking category.

Don’t Forget! Creating and maintaining your personal brand, mentoring, volunteering, and continued professional development are all keys to networking – which helps you when you’re job searching – so please check out the other areas of the career resources section on this site for more tools, tips, and tricks!