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Sheri Rubin Portrait Bio PhotoSheri Rubin, founder of Design Direct Deliver, is passionate about helping clients with their customer experience, websites, and personal branding. An international speaker, author, and independent game developer, she uses her insatiable love of learning to help others through private training, public workshops, and personal mentoring.

Sheri has been navigating the tech and game worlds for more than 20 years, pushing for more equality and inclusivity every step of the way. Bringing her ‘jill-of-all-trades’ know-how to the table, she has formed diversity-focused groups, held leadership roles in women in game development programs, and assisted organizations who are building critical support networks for women and other marginalized voices.

Sheri is honored to have been featured as a contributor in the book Women in Game Development: Breaking the Glass Level-Cap. She is deeply touched every time a colleague says her efforts are why they know the tech and game industries will be a better place for their daughters to enter when they grow up.

As an avid philanthropist and fierce advocate, Sheri also dedicates much of her free time to issues including STEM education, online abuse, racial inequality in the justice system, and diversity. Committed to supporting organizations that align with her goals, it is also why you will find her sitting on the boards of several profit and nonprofit organizations.

Sheri is currently developing games of her own covering topics like self-care, no-win situations, and impostor syndrome. She can always be found emailing from sheri at designdirectdeliver dot com and occasionally found tweeting from @SheriRubin.


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