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Sooner or later everyone has to go on the dreaded search for jobs or freelance gigs. So whether you’re looking for a full-time employer or a new client below you’ll find a selection of some of my favorite job searching resources covering everything from making sure you make things easy for employers to what you need to consider when looking at a job offer or potential contracts:

Your Job Is An RPG [PDF] – This is a pdf of an article I was commissioned to write for GameCareerGuide that covers all the major parts of getting a job, keeping your job, and advancing in your career. Although tailored for video game developers most of the core concepts and advice are suitable for folks in any industry.
My 3G Review Process – It’s all about making sure people can get in, get what they need, and get out – and easily
For example, how easily can they find your website or resume? Can they quickly find the info on your resume that matters most to them? Can they get a hold of you to schedule an interview?

Liz Fosslien’s Job Searching Charts [PDF] – Highly recommend this humorous yet completely accurate this gives job candidates an easy-to-grasp chart style guide to what you should be doing before, during, and after the interview.

Personal Branding Checklist [PDF] – Ready to pull together the pieces you need to help improve your brand and make networking and job searching easier? Check out this downloadable PDF  that goes over many of the items you should consider having as part of your branding efforts and provides you with a handy checklist to make sure you’re on track.

F*ck You. Pay Me. –This video is a MUST for anyone who does contracts or freelances. Absolute must. It is from the Creative Mornings series featuring Mike Monteiro and his lawyer, Gabriel Levine.

Working With Recruiters – This post is focused on video game recruiters but the basic principles apply on what to look out for.

Questions To Ask An Interviewer To Detect How Female-Friendly A Company / Engineering Team Is – This blog post by Katie Thomas is engineering focused but gives you some insight on questions to ask as a candidate to show not just how female-friendly a place is but how friendly and collaborative the culture is in general.

51* Things Every Game Student Should Know [PDF] – This game student focused presentation by Kaye Elling became so viral and referenced it got revised and upgraded to 100 Things [PDF]. For me this is not only a must read for those wanting to get a job in the game industry but anyone already in the industry who has to look for a job again (and that happens all too often!) or wants to help those trying to get in.

Read Before You Sign (And Other Helpful Tips) – This blog post of mine covers the basics of why I so ardently believe everyone should read everything before they sign it. I believe this is true for ALL documents but this post is tailored more towards employer-employee situations.
Spec Work/Crowdsourcing [Article PDF]  – Thinking of giving up some of your time and work for free in the hopes of getting a freelance job? David Airey shares his thoughts on how to consider what you are or are not OK with when it comes to spec work.

Determining Freelance Rates: Your Rate and FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator – These are two online calculators you can try to help determine what you should charge as a freelancer or when doing contract work. Keep in mind that no calculator can totally account for your level of skill/talent, your cost of living, and what the going rates are in your area, etc.

My Other Job Searching Posts – I occasionally write other job searching related blog posts on this site and you can find them using the job searching category.

Don’t Forget! Creating and maintaining your personal brand, networking, mentoring, volunteering, and continued professional development are all keys to a successful job search so please check out the other areas of the career resources section on this site for more tools, tips, and tricks!