Getting Things Done

I perpetually work to learn, grow, and improve myself as well as the people and organizations I care about. As part of this process, I have accumulated numerous articles, books, software, tricks, videos, and websites that I refer back to often in my professional and personal efforts. On this site are some of my favorite resources representing topics including professional development, Getting Things Done (GTD), and video game development. I hope you find them useful!

Getting Things Done (GTD)

As a professed fan of the GTD productivity system created by David Allen I’m constantly working to implement more and more of the GTD methodologies into my life. I brought together friends to start a GTD mastermind group that meets weekly online to discuss GTD, our systems, and making sure we’re all making progress on ‘getting and staying current’. In this section I’ll share info on the basics of GTD, how our group works, our group’s goals and checklists, and other recommended GTD resources.

GTD Quick Links

Disclaimer: I have no partnership, affiliation, agreement or other relationship with Getting Things Done, David Allen, or The David Allen Company. I am simply a fan of the GTD method and want to share my insights and personal perspective as I attempt to implement more and more GTD methodologies in my life and hopefully inspire some of you to learn more about the Getting Things Done method as well. All rights to the GTD method belong solely to The David Allen Company.


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