My Projects

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My Projects

Below are some of the professional and personal projects I have on my plate. As you’ll see from the list, I like to keep busy!

Credits & Publications

For a list of the games, film, TV, videos, and books I’ve been (or am currently) a part of as a creator, advisor, and/or supporter please see my credits and publications page.

My Company

I love working with clients through my consultancy Design Direct Deliver (DDD) to help them improve their customer experience, personal branding, and more. A few of my clients include the American Red Cross of Orange County, Fuller Game Production, Libby Gill & Company, Kellee Santiago, Extreme Marketing, iThrive Games, and numerous individuals who needed help with branding, job searching, etc. To learn more about why I started DDD and what we do please see my company page.

My Games

In my spare time (hah!) I like to create my own games. In addition to ‘modding’ board, card, and dice games – on my own or with my husband and friends – I’m currently developing two digital games:

  • Acceptable Losses: This story-based game is a game about winning in no-win situations. To play Acceptable Losses is to play a game of choices. You will often find yourself between the proverbial rock and a hard place and the decisions that sometimes should be the worst may in actuality be the best. In Acceptable Losses you can successfully win the game in less than a minute or you could take hours and never really know if you’ve “won”.  [Platform: Twine]
  • Impostor Syndrome: Although this game doesn’t even have a working title yet, as the ‘name’ applies this game will attempt to tackle the topic of impostor syndrome. I say attempt because there’s nothing like trying to create a game about impostor syndrome to help you feel like an impostor. 😉 Joking aside, the game seeks to give players an extra insight into what exactly is impostor syndrome and some of the ways people successfully combat their internal reactions of feeling like a fraud.
  • Walk The Labyrinth: This game was my first attempt at making a playable game using GameMaker Studio. The current version linked here was created for Global Game Jam 2016 that took place 29-31 January, 2016. Walk The Labyrinth has players take things they are worried about and try to “let them go” with the help of a monk NPC. It does this in a fairly straightforward manner by having the player traverse a maze to the center and back within a time limit, but with a twist where the score goes up the longer you take – as long as you get back before time runs out!The reason the game encourages you to take as much time as you can is that you are supposed to think about what is bothering you on the way in to the center and then use the walking back to the monk to release the feelings and worries around that item.
Volunteering And Advocacy

I volunteer, a lot. There are many causes and communities that I care about and where I can I offer up my time, talent, and energy to help build and improve communities, empower others, and tackle the thorny issues revolving around STEM education civil rights; diversity; racial inequality in the justice system; and online abuse and harassment. Here are some of the nonprofit organizations and volunteer projects I’m currently involved in:

  • Girl Scouts
  • Game Developer Events In The Chicago Area (Organizer, Volunteer)
  • AnyKey
  • Several diversity and criminal justice advocacy projects being worked on ‘behind-the-scenes’ due to safety reasons
Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff

I have so many passions and interests but my top loves are probably helping people and being creative/enjoying creative things. In addition to working with my clients and various nonprofits, you can also find me:

  • ‘Board Member’-ing: I currently sit on the advisory board or board of directors to several profit and nonprofit organizations.
  • Coaching: These sessions are where I work with someone for a short time to go over things they are struggling with – job hunting, personal branding (resume reviews, business card designs, website reviews, etc.), figuring out their next steps in their career. These sessions are generally one-off sessions but when large events happen – career fairs, layoffs, etc. – I’ll sometimes just ‘set up shop’ and try and help as many people as possible.
  • Dancing: I love to dance and especially enjoy the times when I get to go to events or classes where I can practice a Fox Trot, Tango, Rhumba, Swing or other ballroom dance.
  • Getting Things Done: I’m part of a small group of people who meet weekly on implementing the Getting Things Done system into our lives. We support each other as we look at what parts of the system we want to add into our lives, when we come up with new tools or best practices that help us ‘stay current’, and when our lives change and we have to ‘restart’ certain parts – e.g. we move and now we have to unpack and reset up our desk spaces and filing systems.
  • Media – Games, Movies, TV: Like many average folks (and geeks) when I can I like to squeeze in time trying out new games, watching a variety of movies, or catching my favorite shows.
  • Mentoring: There is nothing quite like seeing someone you are mentoring succeed, and often you end up being inspired to achieve more yourself. I have and am actively mentoring (or peer mentoring) friends and colleagues including mentees I gained through the Glassbreakers, IGDA Foundation Scholars, and GameMentorOnline programs.
  • Reading: I love to read and wish I had more time to do so. From fantasy and sci-fi to personal development and memoirs there’s a lot to love about just sitting in a quiet room, book in hand, and being engrossed by a story.
  • Speaking: In addition to the coaching sessions I do at events I also speak at various conferences and events and with the press on branding, customer experience, job searching/networking, video games, volunteering, mentoring, and diversity topics.
  • Theatre/Performance Art – Plays, Musical, Concerts, Dance, Drum Corps, Winterguard: Whether it’s a TV show, movie, or a live performance a show stopping, breathtaking performance will always put a smile on my face. I did a lot of performing arts work growing up and so any chance I get to indulge myself in these areas is a real treat.