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I love to speak to others – especially if it helps someone improve their life, their brand, or their community. I have spoken at schools, museums, conferences, and more, virtually and in-person, as well as talking with press and professional groups on a variety of topics.

An international speaker, I will consider requests for doing lectures, panels, and Q&As just about anywhere. I can even tell you a fantastic story about how I once emergency chartered a single-prop plane – due to travel delays – to cross the US-Canadian border in order to get to my lecture on time!


I tailor each presentation based on the format, event, and audience and I am not limited to the topics listed below. These are subjects that I have been requested to speak about in the past and are meant only to show interests and breadth of experience.

  • Personal And Corporate Branding
  • Customer Experience (CX) / User Experience (UX)
  • Job Searching And Networking
  • Video Games – CX/UX, QA, Breaking In/Staying In, Project Management, Diversity
  • Volunteering And Volunteer Management – I also love to meet with Girl Scout troops/programs to talk about my experiences in the program
  • Diversity / STE(A)M – I especially love to delve into the topics of diversity in tech/games and getting more youth, especially girls, interested in STEM careers
Book A Talk

If you’d like me to come speak at your conference, school, community group, or networking event please reach out to me via my contact page.  Make sure to include the details of your event (name, location, date, time, format, etc.) and what topic(s) you’re interested in having me cover!

Speaking History

Below is a selection of my past speaking engagements:

  • 2003 – Game Developers Conference | Profiling the Female Gamer: A Look At how She Buys And Plays [Panelist] (Other Panelists: Mia Consalvo, Clarinda Merripen, Sheri Graner Ray)
  • 2003 – IGDA Chicago | Female Friendly Gaming [Speaker]
  • 2004 – Game Developers Conference | Forward: A Working Session For Women In Game Development [Replacement Roundtable Moderator] (Original Moderator: Sheri Graner Ray)
  • 2004 – IGDA Chicago | Quality of Life  [Speaker]
  • 2004 – DePaul University | Introduction to Game Development [Speaker]
  • 2004 – DePaul University | Women and Gaming [Speaker]
  • 2004 – Cineme – Video Game Developers Summit | Attracting the Female Gamer: Expanding Your Market And Your Wallet [Speaker]
  • 2004 – Cineme – Video Game Developers Summit | Quality Assurance In Video Games [Panelist]
  • 2004 – Women’s Game Conference | Case Blasts [Moderator]
  • 2004 – Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference | Video Game Track [All-Day Panelist]
  • 2005 – Game Developers Conference | Quality Assurance SIG: Where to Next [Roundtable Moderator]
  • 2005 – Game Developers Conference | Bug Reporting: A Call for Standardization [Roundtable Moderator]
  • 2005 – Game Developers Conference | Sexuality in Games: When Is It Appropriate? [Roundtable Co-Moderator] (Other Moderator: Brenda Romero)
  • 2005 – Spring Fling and Career Fair at the Museum of Science And Industry | Video Game Careers [Q&A Expert]
  • 2009 – Game Developers Conference | Quality Assurance SIG [Roundtable Moderator]
  • 2010 – Game Developers Conference | IGDA: Quality Assurance SIG [Roundtable Moderator]
  • 2011 – IGDA Salt Lake City | Your Developers Are Your Customers [Speaker]
  • 2011 – IGDA Victoria | Your Developers Are Your Customers [Speaker]
  • 2011 – California Polytechnic State University | The Game Industry And You: Tips and Tricks for How to Get in and Get Involved [Speaker]
  • 2012 – IGDA Chicago | You’ve Graduated: Now What? [Panelist] (Other Panelists: Clayton Kisko, Craig Stern)
  • 2012 – TechWeek | Game Development: Get in and Get Involved! [Panelist] (Other Panelist: Phil Tibitoski)
  • 2013 – IGDA Chicago | An Afternoon With Brenda And John Romero [Interviewer]
  • 2013 – IGDA Chicago | Game Industry And You: Tips and Tricks for Getting In and Gettting Involved [Speaker]
  • 2014 – IGDA Chicago Workshop | Job Hunter: Resume Quest Walkthrough [Speaker/Instructor]
  • 2014 – Game Developers Conference | WIGI, Girl Scouts and You: Video Game Design Patch Program [Speaker]
  • 2015 – Game Developers Conference | IGDA QA SIG Roundtable: Building QA Best Practices and Communities [Roundtable Moderator]
  • 2015 – IGDA Chicago | Fireside Chat With Louis Castle [Interviewer]
  • 2016 – IGDA Chicago | Women and Diversity in the Games Industry [Panelist]
  • 2016 – Girls Who Code Chicago Accenture | Admit One For Fun: My long and winding road through tech and games [Speaker]
  • 2016 – Girls Who Code Chicago Synchrony | This Is My Story: I wrote my own journey and you can write yours [Speaker]
  • 2016 – Voxelles | Personal Branding 101 Primer And Guided Workshop [Speaker/Instructor]
  • 2016 – Girls Who Code Chicago Microsoft | A Path Of Creation: My winding path to creating my career and my games [Speaker]