(This post was originally seen on my sheriforigda.org site.)

Hello all!

Getting involved in the IGDA is what inspired me to become the global advocate for the video game industry that I am today and solidified my almost complete inability to say no to a good cause.

There’s been a change of resource requirements on my end and some wonderful advocacy, diversity, and professional development opportunities have come my way that I just can’t pass up. So, I’ve decided to take the time I use in this area to put my experience, passion, and skill sets to use in a new direction.

I loved the work I’ve done for the IGDA, and I’m still a lifetime member, but these other projects are just too great to not get involved with.

You can still reach out and talk to me about IGDA stuff via my contact page and I hope to be able to discuss some of these new projects on my personal site at https://sherirubin.com/.

Until then… stay awesome!