For some Facebook’s memories or “On This Day” feature is great and they’ll share the memories on their timeline. For others, even if they never share them, the items still show up in their feed and can bring up bad memories from their past – death in the family, time they got laid off, whatever.

Although there’s no real way to disable it completely there is a way to stop Facebook from showing those memories in your feed altogether. Here’s how to do it currently*:

  1. Go to the “home” view
  2. Go down to apps
  3. Click on “On This Day”
  4. Click on preferences (upper right)
  5. Select “edit” on dates and add a filter for January 1st of the year before you were born to like December 31st, 2030 and save it.

It will no longer show you any “memories” or “on this day” items for anything in that timeline which should be everything in the past through the next 15 years.

Ta da!

Hope this helps and stay awesome!


* I say “currently” as Facebook constantly changes their features and UI