Hey all!

Just wanted to share a quick update here for everyone.

I wrote a blog post trying to recap (without getting too mushy) my three years on the IGDA Global Board of Directors. You can read it on my sheriforigda.org site here: http://bit.ly/s4igbng

I also started an Event Planning section on my website like my Career Resources and Getting Things Done sections and you can see the first pieces of those sections here: http://bit.ly/sreventplanning

It’s a work in progress (the first three main areas still need to be proofed/edited as well), but with so many of my video game colleagues prepping for con season (and providing tips to a bunch of them) I wanted to get the stuff up as soon as possible.

I have other sections in mind but just need to have the time to get to them. If you have questions or thoughts on the above drop comments below here or on that blog post – thanks!

Talk to you all soon!