Being able to protect your privacy when you register a domain is important, for everyone – but especially if you’ve ever been a victim of stalking, harassment, and the like.

In an ideal world this would be a DEFAULT option and not an ‘add-on’ item you had to PAY for and make sure you stayed on top of in case it lapsed at any moment.

Right now ICANN is currently considering making changes to this policy and that would require some companies to forcibly remove your privacy options and disclose your name, address, phone number, etc. to be listed, no matter what. THIS IS NOT GOOD AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

Here’s some quick links to explain WHOIS listings, domain privacy, why this matters, and what you can do:
Save Domain Privacy – Base Website:
Save Domain Privacy – Brief Explanation On What’s Changing: –Especially helpful when you can see examples of ‘normal’ and ‘non-criminal’ uses that put people’s lives LITERALLY at risk.
Save Domain Privacy – What Can You Do:
RespectOurPrivacy.Org – Form to help you contact ICANN and the like:
EFF Guide To Domain Privacy And Ruling Changes Proposed:

Please get involved – even if you’ve never registered a domain in your life this is deeply critical and can ACTUALLY SAVE LIVES.

If you need more info drop a comment below and I’ll try and find out more info for you but otherwise check out those websites and keep up on what’s going on!

Please help and stay awesome!