There’s a lot of good that happens in this world, but also a lot of bad. For every #SFBatKid1 there’s a shooting in a hospital2. For every heartwarming story of how the internet helped someone reunite a stuffed animal with its owner3 there are many more stories of how women were harassed, threatened, and other unmentionables simply for daring to try to create a game4, get a game published5, or even for just being out in public6. Sometimes it just seems like there’s too much bad and not enough good.

Earlier today on Facebook I posted the following:

It almost feels like all the @$$holes in the world are trying to get out all their @$$hole-ness before year end as if they have to make some quota. Shootings, harassment, uggh! Here’s to a better 2014!

Then tonight I joined my friends, colleagues, and cohorts as IGDA Chicago7 and Industry Night8 put on a Game Dev Holiday Charity Mixer9. Thanks to the wonderful attendees and the individuals and companies who supported us ahead of time with sponsorships, donations, and in-kind support we were able to have dozens of people enjoy a wonderful night of food, fun, and games all while raising thousands of dollars (and quite a few toys!) for Comer Children’s Hospital10.

I know IGDA Chicago will later put up its own blog post11 with all the proper details and thank yous, but for now I wanted to make sure I said something here. I left for the event this evening tired of hearing all the bad news but left the event feeling like somehow, somewhere, people are still excited to do good in this world. I am grateful to my colleagues on the IGDA Chicago Board of Directors and our partner Industry Night (hi Kyle!) who all worked hard to put on a great event and to help add a little light into this sometimes very dark and disturbing world. I’ll make sure to post an update here later with the link to IGDA Chicago’s post showing you more of the details.

Until then…thank you world for showing me a bit more of the good tonight.


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