This post is part of a series of posts where I go over “pro-tips” which are tips, tools, and tricks I use to be more productive or make my life easier. They are as simple as a piece of software I use to get a task done, to the little secrets or ‘hacks’ I’ve learned to get around life’s little quirks.

So many people use Skype and they get frustrated every time they go to copy/paste something from Skype and it looks something like this:
Skype Quote Option Reference Image

That’s because your Skype is setup with the weird “quote copied message” option.

If, like me, you really don’t like how that shows up when you paste it somewhere, here’s where you can go to change it:

Skype >
Tools >
Options >
IM & SMS >
IM Settings:

Pressing Ctrl+V will…
( ) quote copied message
( ) paste message as plain text

Simply click on “paste message as plain text” instead of “quote copied message” and then hit “Save” at the bottom and ta da! It now will show up like this:
Skype Plain Text Option Reference Image

Note: The time stamp only shows up if you have that option enabled.

It’s as simple as that!

Hope this helps and stay awesome!