This post is part of a series of posts where I go over “pro-tips” which are tips, tools, and tricks I use to be more productive or make my life easier. They are as simple as a piece of software I use to get a task done, to the little secrets or ‘hacks’ I’ve learned to get around life’s little quirks.

I tend to do a lot of ‘connecting’ people.

Sometimes I’m connecting:

  • a mentee with an expert in their field
  • one colleague who freelances with another friend looking for a freelancer with those exact skills
  • two people who are REALLY into the same thing (band, tv show, etc.) and they should really get to know each other – especially if they are fans of something kind of niche. [Side note: Apparently I have more friends who are Muppet fans than I realized. 🙂 ]

A lot of the time I’m connecting people because I’m working for an organization as a contractor, consultant, or board member and I have someone in my network who can provide them with the advice or resources they don’t have internally.

When I have someone requesting an introduction to someone then I like to ask them to help me write their part of the intro. This way it gets across the info they want and it saves me keystrokes. If they really want that introduction then I want them to give me the info I need to make a great introduction and increase their chances of the connection being a success.

Rather than try and explain my intro process in detail, I’d like to point you to a great article I read back in April from John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing entitled Anatomy of a Perfect Introduction. (Note: As of this writing the window/page title is How to Make A Great Introduction but it’s still the same article.) It’s essentially the process I often take in these introductions and is a great tool for you to use when at least trying to draft your own intros.

How do you handle introducing two people to each other?

There’s an article for that!