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Hi All,

Another update as we work to help all those looking for work this time of year in a 2-2-2 fashion:

2 Recruiters:

I contacted several of my recruiting friends and colleagues and we’ve already gotten some responses. Besides Carrie from EA, Mary-Margaret Network and Liquid Red Recruiting have stepped up to try and help those who are affected.

Mary-Margaret Network: Your best bet is to send an email (with your resume preferably) jobs@mary-margaret.com as well as check their current job board for current openings at www.mary-margaret.com. Per Mary-Margaret: “The hardest question is always going to be, “are you willing to relocate.” It’s not mandatory but it sure does widen the options!”

Liquid Red Recruiting: One of the founders, Norma Crippen, said you can reach out to her directly at norma@liquidredrecruiting.com.

For both of them tell them Sheri Rubin sent you!

2 Articles:

There was two articles that came up recently that you may benefit from if you’re job seeking that I wanted to pass along.

HBR: Harvard Business Review recently posted the article Job Seekers: Get HR on Your Side that talks about how to make HR your friend and get past initial screenings.

Lifehacker: The ever useful lifehacker posted an article on How to Make (and Sustain) a Good First Impression Every Time which included tips on how to present yourself for both job interviews as well as networking opportunities like our Chicago Game Dev Holiday Mixer.

2 More Forums:

Besides this website I also wanted to remind you that a lot of help is being offered and we also post each time we update here to the IGDA Chicago Facebook Group and IGDA Chicago Twitter – so come join us there and get involved!

Stay awesome!