Another round of links on civil rights, GamerGate, … (Trigger Warning: Rape, Sexual Assualt, Slurs, Abuse Against Women And Minorities)

  • NYT: Thousands in Iran Protest Acid Attacks on Women:
  • Polygon: Destiny developer startled awake by police, sheriff’s helicopter after faked 911 call:
  • GamesBeat: The DeanBeat: Like it or hate it, #GamerGate isn’t losing steam:
  • NYT: Google Wants Inbox To Be Your Email System For The Next Decade: [Personally I’m the type of person for whom gets less productive every time Google tries to make something ‘ better’.]
  • Hackbright Academy: Questions To Ask An Interviewer To Detect How Female-Friendly A Company / Engineering Team Is:
  • Polygon: Brianna Wu is confident a death threat harasser will be caught and jailed:
  • NYT: What Women Want – Women’s Issues Dominate 2014 Campaigns:
  • Raw Story: ‘Mythbuster’ Adam Savage’s levelheaded response to #GamerGate: ‘Sh*t’s tough for girls’:
  • Salon: Joss Whedon: “Every time I’m confronted with true misogyny, I’m stunned” – The “Firefly” creator reflects on Gamergate, his upbringing as a feminist and where our culture goes from here:
  • NYT: In Ferguson and Beyond, Punishing Humanity:
  • Kotaku: Blizzard CEO Addresses Gamergate Saga In Everything But Name:
  • GayGamer: GG on GG: The Problems with GamerGate:
  • NYT: The Challenge of Defining Rape:
  • Medium – EricaJoy: The Other Side of Diversity:
  • NYT: Microsoft’s Nadella Sets Off a Furor on Women’s Pay: [The follow-up to Nadella’s kerfuffle at GHC]
  • GamesBeat: Watch critic Anita Sarkeesian talk GamerGate on ‘The Colbert Report’:

We’re at a tipping point and all we can do now is hope things tip in the right direction.