This post is part of a series of posts where I go over “pro-tips” which are tips, tools, and tricks I use to be more productive or make my life easier. They are as simple as a piece of software I use to get a task done, to the little secrets or ‘hacks’ I’ve learned to get around life’s little quirks.

I recently got told on Facebook that this was a “really bad ass tip” so I figured that meant it was worthy of a blog post. So here goes…

When getting a mobile phone and trying to figure out which cell service carrier to get – especially when moving to a new city – I have found a simple way to get a leg up on your research – your local Red Cross chapter. I have volunteered extensively for the American Red Cross before including their disaster/emergency services department.

The chapter has to get service from a carrier that will be the most reliable in all areas of their region and in disasters so find out which company they use for their employees. It’s how I went from ‘No Signal’ in my house to ‘I never drop a call’ anywhere in the city and suburbs.

So when in doubt find your local Red Cross/Red Crescent chapter/region and ask – it can’t hurt! 🙂