Hi All,

I know it’s been quiet around here recently – the last part of 2012 was filled with hospital visits and a major surgery. Rather than update this space, I was focusing on my health and stealthily getting things done when feeling well. I want you, the members, to know that I’m still pushing along and working with the board, volunteers, partners, and our staff to keep things moving and progressing towards the goals and commitments I laid out in my candidate statement.

Now that I’m getting back on my feet, so to speak, I want to fill you in on some of what’s been accomplished over the last few months.

Transparency: We’ve significantly increased the frequency of the board blog1 updates and member communications via email, our blog, and social networks.

Employees: I’m so pleased to have been part of the process of finding and vetting our new Executive Director – Kate Edwards2 is fantastic and I am thrilled to have her on the team. Next on our plate is the search for a new Operations Manager3.

Communications: I’m heading up a newly reinvigorated Marketing and Communications Committee and we have several projects underway, including a style guide and a new process for getting out social media blasts and emails. Some great wins for that group include the recent global coverage the IGDA got – see here4 and here5. I’m also very excited that we’ve managed to update several of our online spaces to finally have the updated logo (a small win, but an important step in getting everything to be consistent). Our latest tasks include elections and event communications.

Member Support: New membership cards are finally in the final stages of being produced! I was also appointed to the Scholars Committee, so you can watch this space6 for updates to the program. Finally, we’ve been proud to bring on more formal chapters internationally, including Finland7.

Miscellaneous: I also was appointed Secretary of the Board. This entails keeping the minutes at Board meetings8, making sure Corporate Records are current, participating on the Executive Committee, etc..

This isn’t a fully comprehensive list, but I wanted to cover some of the bigger wins from the last few months. Looking forward to posting again soon!

Stay Awesome!


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