Hi All,

As I mentioned recently I was recently elected to the IGDA Chicago1 Board of Directors. This past Sunday I had almost all of the new directors over to my house for a big planning meeting. (Christian Arca had to do a last minute trip to New York because his mom was on the Italian Cruise Ship that ran aground! We called him on the phone at one point though for voting.) We discussed board of director roles, worked on filling out forms necessary to charter, and started planning events for the year.

It was a great meeting, I think we accomplished a lot, and we’re one step closer to chartering! We have a lot on our plates now but it’s totally doable. I’m excited to see what we have ahead. With that being said I wanted to share the blog post our new Chair, Jay Margalus, posted on the IGDA Chicago site about the new board: http://igdachicago.com/the-new-igda-chicago-board2

Here’s to a great 2012 for IGDA Chicago!

Stay awesome,
IGDA Chicago Treasurer

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