Hi All,

It’s a busy week for me – this weekend is the IGDA’s1 annual Global Game Jam2. This year I’m getting involved on both the local and global levels and so I’m all over the place (almost literally).

Today and the rest of this weekend I’ll be heading over to my local game jam site at Depaul University3 to act as a mentor and judge to all those participating. I’m excited to see what we can produce locally here in just 48 HOURS!

But for months now and in the months to come I’m helping dozens of people around the world organize 2012 GGJ Play Parties! This is something brand new to the Global Game Jam where people get together AFTER the Jam to play a lot of the games created at the jam. The goal is to help people see as many of the games created as possible, help good games bubble up to the top and get noticed by the press, and all in all just get some extra recognition to those who spent 48 hours one cold (or warm depending on your location) January trying to create a game.

I got involved with organizing the Play Parties when the GGJ directors came to me and asked if I could help them create these events because I have a track record of “getting things done” and having “good follow-through”. Nothing like a little flattery to get a gal to say yes to more volunteering! We hope to grow these events over time but for now I’m excited to see many GGJ sites, chapters4, and SIGs5 all trying to find a way to get involved in this new project.

So here’s to a great 2012 Global Game Jam!

Global Game Jam 2012 Trailer6 from Adam Barenblat7.

Stay awesome!

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