(Cross-posted from sheriforigda.org.)

Hi All,

Today I sent in my formal nomination to become a Board of Directors candidate for the IGDA. Sure it was the last day to turn it in, but GGJ was also this weekend and as Executive Director Gordon Bellamy used to say:

“Don’t Break The Jam!”


I would like to thank the ten IGDA members who were able to get me their member number in time for the nomination certificate (in alphabetical order):
1. Ernest Adams (IGDA Founder)
2. Bob Bates (IGDA Former Board Chair)
3. Heather M Decker-Davis (IGDA Chicago Board of Directors and IGDA E3 2011 Scholar)
4. Kate Edwards (IGDA Localization SIG Founder, Chair and IGDA Seattle Coordinator)
5. Noah Falstein (IGDA Former Board Chair)
6. John Feil (IGDA Former Board Member)
7. Mitzi McGilvray (IGDA Former Board Chair)
8. Jeannie Novak (IGDA LA, IGDA PAX East 2011 Volunteer)
9. Grant Shonkwiler (IGDA Dallas Board of Directors and Former IGDA Philadelphia Chair)
10. Ben Wibberley (IGDA Quality Assurance SIG Chair and IGDA Summit 2011 Advisory Board)

Also thank you to those of you who have written endorsements for me here: http://sheriforigda.org/endorsements/

And I couldn’t have done it without my friends and fellow IGDA members who proofed and re-proofed my candidate statement until I was comfortable sending it in (you know who you are) – thanks!

Stay Awesome,

P.S. Special thanks goes to Jessica Tams who wanted to be a part of my ten supporting members but as of this writing is still waiting to get her member number as she doesn’t appear to be in the system and Ben Wibberley who re-joined the IGDA just so he could support me in my nomination!