Hi All,

So the US holiday version of Thanksgiving is coming up and I was getting so exhausted on my road trip that I booked a weekend visit to Galena through a program my husband and I are in for the long holiday weekend. I’ll be missing out on my husband’s family’s Thanksgiving dinner, but I’ll be getting some much needed rest and recharge (I’m still dragging a bit). Here’s what I’m hoping to do that weekend:

1) Have a small Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and crescent rolls.

2) Sleep! A lot!

3) Get to inbox zero on one of the few email accounts I’m not down to zero with yet.

4) Massages – I’ve booked a couple massages with this gal I love to try and work out a lot of the kinks my body is still in from having been almost in nothing but a seated position in my car for two months. 🙂

As you can see the above is all to help me feel more relaxed, more happy, and less stressed – anything else I accomplish that weekend is gravy.

For those of you celebrating I hope you find ways to make yourself more thankful for being alive and loved.

Stay awesome!