This is a series of posts from my road trip in 2011 where I traveled around the US and Canada giving talks, attending conferences, visiting IGDA chapters, networking, hanging out with friends, and dog sitting an adorable pug named Thomas!

A new day…a new state.

Today Kathy and Garrett returned home from their trip and I said goodbye to them and my new favorite pug Thomas as I left Portland to head up to Seattle.

I plan to spend about a week in the Seattle area with some side trips into Canada to visit friends, colleagues, and conferences. Spending a week in Seattle can be expensive unless you know the right people – and I do. 🙂

When I was talking about staying in Portland possibly day tripping up to Seattle my friend and colleague and fellow IGDAer Kate Edwards mentioned about how she would be missing me as she was off on her own big trip at the same time. I then half-jokingly responded “Does that mean I can stay at your place in Seattle after Portland?” and to my surprise she said “Sure, why not!” So suddenly I had a ton of time available to stay for free in Seattle if I wanted.

I decided since I wasn’t going to be able to drive all the way down to Austin and back in time for certain events in the Seattle area to attend GDC Online I’d instead see about making it out to GeekGirlCon. I bought some passes just in case I could go, but at the very least to help support this conference’s first time running.

So with all that in mind I packed up my stuff in Portland, got in the car, and made the 3 hour trip to Seattle and settled in for another weekly GTD chat and some talking with my husband. Now it’s time for bed – goodnight all!

Stay awesome,