Hi All,

I have had the good fortune of being a part of the IGDA GDC Scholarship program as a volunteer (or staff) almost every year since 2005. It’s a great program that can be extremely beneficial for mentors and mentees alike. The basis of the program is students from across the world are given a chance to go to GDC in San Francisco and hooked up with a professional mentor for the week. It’s the mentor’s job to teach them the basics of how to navigate the immense conference that is GDC, go over networking dos and don’ts, and introduce them to some of your friends to help them start widening their circle.

Here’s a great write-up from one of this year’s scholarship recipients on the newly expanded program and his experience at GDC with the IGDA: http://www.thegameniac.com/igda-gdc-scholar-experience/

If you’re interested in helping out as a mentor in the rest of this year’s scholarship programs or next year’s GDC one please consider applying. It’s just as rewarding to meet these amazing students as it is for them to meet you.

You can find out more information about the IGDA Scholarship program at http://www.igda.org/scholarships.

Special thanks goes to the UBM TechWeb Game Network who helps the IGDA with acquiring passes for all of those wonderful scholars.

Stay Awesome!