(Cross-posted from sheriforigda.org.)

Hi All,

So I started posting TOWs for Chicago and it was working, I also then offered up sharing the TOW Topic spreadsheet to the chapter admins along with examples of my TOWs. Dan Maas then started taking those TOWs and posting them in the IGDA OC Facebook group. Since IGDA OC is one of my home chapters (I was on their BoD when I lived there) I offered up to Dan to just post my TOWs that I do for the Women In Games SIG as well as the IGDA Chicago Chapter to the OC’s Facebook Group as well.

Dan, who’s smart enough not to turn down a volunteer, readily accepted my offer and so now each week I’ll be posting TOWs for three groups (and using the same topic when I can). 🙂

I think Chapters may benefit from this too and it’s exciting to cross-pollinate ideas.

Now to figure out what chapters do that SIGs could…..:)

Stay awesome!