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Hi All,

So as I’ve explained, in short, before on this blog I spent a year on staff for the IGDA as a contractor filling their Operations Manager role. And although there was no formal written policy, because we were becoming the first real staff, I worked with Brian Robbins to create an informal policy on employees and volunteering based off of other non-profits I have worked/volunteered with in the past, like the American Red Cross. As such we went with the style that said you could be on staff for the IGDA and volunteer as long as your volunteer roles weren’t involved in the same types of activity as your job roles. For example, Ryan as Global Community Manager couldn’t be a community manager for a SIG or chapter or volunteer for them (as his job was to help them anyway), but he could volunteer as say an IGDA Scholar Mentor or to help try and volunteer with business development efforts.

Likewise, because of my role as ops manager touching EVERY facet of the organization it was determined that I should step down from ALL of my volunteer roles while on staff. This meant no more SIG leader, no more chapter leader, no committees, no task forces, nothing. There were a few places, like the committees, where I ‘stepped back up’ to be staff liaison, but not a volunteer.

However, my role as the operations manager ended this past July and so now I was free to volunteer again. One of the main places I wanted to focus my efforts was back on “my baby,” the QA SIG. So it was with great happiness last night that I got the current Steering Committee (Joe Longworth, Karl Tars, and Ben Wibberley) together on Skype for a group text chat and we went over what was going on with the SIG and what our future plans were and how I could help.

We discussed the mailing list, TOWs, the website, elections, and the QA event. Lots of assignments were handed off to everyone and I’m very inspired to keep this trend going. The difficulty with most QA people is that they are often in crunch so I just have to keep at it and we’ll make it happen.

Speaking of assignments – does anyone here have experience with Google Apps? 🙂

Stay awesome!