This is a series of posts from my road trip in 2011 where I traveled around the US and Canada giving talks, attending conferences, visiting IGDA chapters, networking, hanging out with friends, and dog sitting an adorable pug named Thomas!

Hi All,

Today is a big day, but first – yesterday!

So yesterday Brett and I said goodbye to our friends Corey and Erin Stisser1 and their little furry friends Gavin (see below), Zoey, and Larry2. Just like with John Walker, both Brett and I had worked with Corey and when Corey and Erin saw my posts about having a week between Salt Lake City and Portland they said “Do you want to stop by Reno?” and I was like “Yes!”. Corey, who is known for jumping over chairs while dancing at weddings, and Erin, who loves all things animals, were gracious enough to host us for Day 6, 7, and part of 8 for my trip. They also introduced us to the concept of “pizza balls” at Pace’s Pizza Balls3 in Reno.

Gavin wanted to make sure we saw him on the way out!

We left Corey and Erin on Saturday to head off to Roseville, California as Brett was leaving me today. Before we packed it in for the night we made a special stop at the Roseville location of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse4! For those of you following along, this was going to be my 31st Ruth’s Chris location (but definitely not my 31st visit). Roseville did not disappoint – the manager and hosts were good, the food was great, and our server was excellent! Rachel was great to have around and we talked a lot about all things Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse as well as normal topics (weather. California, etc.). I would definitely put the experience in at least the Top 10 for Ruth’s Chris experiences (let’s be reasonable here, it’s hard to compete with the ocean view in Lahaina on Maui :>).

That brings us to today. We drove from Roseville to Oakland and along the way I tried to have a Skype call with the directors of the Global Game Jam5. I use the word “tried” because I had to get Brett to the airport on time, so tried to use my MiFi with my laptop to have the call; occasionally both the 4G and 3G reception would drop and I’d lose the call. It was a pain in the butt, but the GGJ people were very understanding and we made some great progress on how I could help them with the post-GGJ game review needs and how things work within the IGDA6. I’m looking very forward to getting involved with GGJ for the first time on a volunteer level and they seemed fairly excited about some of my ideas. We’ll have to start small this year, but I see big things ahead for future years with post-GGJ play events.

After that wrapped up, I dropped off Brett at Oakland International Airport (with a hug and a kiss goodbye of course!) in time to make his flight back to Chicago. I was a bit sad to be taking the next leg of my trip without him (and I knew he would have loved the scenery along the route), but this was mostly my trip and he DID have to go back to work.

So this evening finds me in the 3rd different state for the day – Oregon! I’ll be crashing here for a few days in Medford (and I’m already now due for an oil change) to get some rest, not drive for a bit, and get more work done then when I’m driving all day. OK I’m exhausted – goodnight all.

Stay Awesome,

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