This is a series of posts from my road trip in 2011 where I traveled around the US and Canada giving talks, attending conferences, visiting IGDA chapters, networking, hanging out with friends, and dog sitting an adorable pug named Thomas!

Hi All,

Today I start my big road trip heading west across the country. I’ll be speaking at some IGDA1 chapters, visiting friends and colleagues, and trying to learn more about the game development scene around various parts of the US (I hope to do more parts of the world later).

When I started this trip my car was already getting up there on miles so we’ll see how well this goes. As of the moment I started the trip, here was what my odometer read:

I was lucky enough to have my husband, Brett2, take some time off work and come with me for this long leg of the trip. It turns out for our first day driving we ended up making it to Iowa, Des Moines to be exact.

Here was Iowa welcoming us to their state:

They say there’s more than corn in Indiana, what is there more than in Iowa?

Well, time to get a good night’s rest so we can make it farther tomorrow.

Stay Awesome!